Private Candidate Registration

Registration Deadline: 7th March 2021
Contest Dates: 28th March 2021 onwards
Contest Venue: Online
Fee: $40 per student

How to register

  1. Click here to register as private candidate. 
  2. Check your email inbox. We will send the confirmation by email.


School Registration

Only Teachers are allowed to sign up students as a School candidate.

Registration Deadline: 2 Weeks before school contest date
Contest Dates: 22th March 2021 to 28th March 2021
Contest Venue: Your school
Contest Time: set by the teacher in charge
Fee: $10 per student

How to register

Option A (Manual Registration)

  1.  School will send the parent invitation letter to the parents for them to register.
  2. The parents will pay directly to school either using cash or EduSave.
  3. Teacher can download the registration form , fill in the student information and submit the completed form to .

Option B (Webform Registration)

  1. SIMCC can also create the SIMCC registration webform for the school and the parents can pay using credit card/debit card ONLINE.
  2. Teacher can email at for the webform discussion and our marketing executive will get back to you.
  3. School will send the invitation letter to the parents for registration. An automatic email can be configured to inform the school whenever someone register the competition.
  4. School can also login to our portal to check on the registration summary.