SMKC 2020 Frequently Asked Questions (Online)

Q: What time should the student log in?
A: The student should log in at the registration time stated on the contest pass. E.g. If the registration states 08:30 AM. The student should log into Zoom at 08:30 AM.

Q: What should I do if I cannot enter the Zoom meeting room.
A: Please call 9762 6247 for assistance.

Q: I do not have whiteboard at home. Can the student you pen and paper instead?
A:  Yes, we will allow to students to use 1 piece of paper. After which, it will have to be torn away. The invigilator will guide the student on the actual day.

Q: Is it ok for the student to use speakers instead of headphones?
A: Yes, we will allow students to use speakers instead of headphones/headset.

Q: Are students allowed to skip questions and go back to previous questions?
A: Yes, students can skip questions and go back to previous questions to review and check their answers. (Please refer to the image below for more information)

Q: Are students allowed to submit and leave early once they are done with the test?
A: The student needs to inform the invigilator once they have finished.  The invigilator will have to check that submission is done successfully in the system as well as check the whiteboard to make sure that it is cleaned.  The student is allowed to leave once the invigilator has checked all the above.

Q: Can students take the test using iPad or smart device?
A: No. This is because we require the student to share their screen when they are doing the test. With the application version of Zoom, it is unable to share screen while others are sharing. As such, we do not allow students to take the test using iPad/smart device.